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Chloe chases her Cabin Crew dreams

Chloe Thrower has always felt a strong desire to work in the travel industry, and knowing that the Level 3 Extended Diploma in Travel & Tourism covered Cabin Crew, she enrolled at Cambridge Regional College after leaving secondary school. Chloe was confident that a Cabin Crew career would be the perfect opportunity to bring together her commitment to delivering exceptional customer and a passion for travelling the world. 

Chloe said, “I enrolled on the Travel and Tourism course at CRC, and I enjoyed every minute. It was difficult at times, especially when the pandemic hit and we were moved to online study, but I worked hard and stayed resilient through the difficult times to achieve Distinctions across the board.

The course content was interesting. We were taught to a high standard, and having the opportunity to gain a cabin crew qualification alongside my course, I gained an insight into the industry which really helped me to gain confidence. It cemented my career aspirations to be a member of Cabin Crew and gave me additional motivation in my studies. Another element of the course that developed me as an individual was the residential trips as they helped our group to bond and allowed us to form meaningful working relationships with our tutors.”

Upon graduating from CRC, Chloe secured full-time employment with the Ryanair Cabin Crew team and started her training in June 2021. While working with Ryanair, Chloe explored other opportunities in the Cabin Crew industry and has since gone on to secure a role with Easyjet which commences in February 2022. In addition to securing a role with Easyjet, Chloe has also been offered a job with Emirates Airways which will commence summer 2023.

Chloe added, “If you have a dream, follow it. Pursue a career doing something that you really would like to do. Remember that during your time at CRC, you are learning. It is OK to ask for support when you need it and this, coupled with your own hard work, will result in your success. In respect of the Level 3 Extended Diploma in Travel & Tourism, I would recommend the course to anyone interested in a career in the industry. There are a lot of opportunities for learning, and the Cabin Crew qualification has definitely helped me to progress in my career.”

Since graduating from CRC, Chloe has returned to share her experience of the Cabin Crew recruitment and training process to support current Travel and Tourism students as they prepare to take their first steps into the industry. 

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