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Glasgow Clyde College Reads Minds to Find Perfect Course for Students

  • College to use pioneering EEG tech to measure brainwaves, detecting which course is best suited to prospective students
  • Research shows that 78% of secondary school students worry about making the right choice of career
  • With Scottish students receiving their exam results next week, Glasgow Clyde College aims to help those who aren’t sure about what’s next
  • Due to take place at Silverburn Shopping Centre on Wednesday 10th August

We’re often asked what’s on our mind so Glasgow Clyde College is using cutting edge technology to find out – as a way for prospective students to discover their perfect course after exam results are released next week.

Research shows that 78% of secondary school students worry about making the right choice of career*, with many not knowing or being certain of their path after leaving school.

After students across Scotland receive their exam results on 9th August, Glasgow Clyde College will be on hand to help them to choose the right course using electroencephalography (EEG), an innovative technique that measures electrical activity inside a person’s brain at Silverburn Shopping Centre the following day.

Prospective students will be shown a short video showcasing a selection of different careers that could be available after undertaking a course at the College, all whilst wearing an EEG headset.

As they watch the video, the EEG technology will monitor their brain waves and heart rate, tracking when a spike occurs, before revealing which course and career path could potentially suit them based on their body’s reaction. Staff from Glasgow Clyde College will be on hand to discuss various course options to start in August.

John Rafferty, Deputy Principal at Glasgow Clyde College, said: “We want to empower young people to make decisions about their next steps, which shouldn’t feel like a daunting process.

“We’re here to help. This innovative technology is a fun way to show school leavers which route may be best for them, based on their reaction. Whether you have an idea of what you’d like to do, or no clue at all, this helps make that decision-making process a little easier.

“College offers so many different avenues for further study and our friendly staff are on hand to speak to anyone about their exam results and to discuss available options. Leaving school is only the first step in a long journey but we’re here to help you make it.

“We can find the perfect fit for students across the country, and for those who can’t make it to Silverburn, fear not, as we’ll be touring the technology at upcoming open days too.”

Glasgow Clyde College will be at Silverburn Shopping Centre with the EEG technology on Wednesday 10th August, and will be hosting Clearing Open Days at its three campuses, Anniesland, Cardonald and Langside, from 10am-2pm on Thursday 11 August, where prospective students can find out more about course availability starting in August.

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