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Digital jobs fit for the future

Exciting new opportunities are opening up in the utilities sector today, as UK Power Networks launches a new Digital Academy.

The venture kicks off during National Apprenticeship Week (February 6-12) with up to 400 spaces available over five years for employees including new recruits, on 20 new apprenticeship courses focused on digital and technology skills.

The country’s biggest electricity distributor is planning for the future and thinking digital first when both recruiting for specialist roles, and upskilling existing employees to futureproof their careers.

An in-house training team in partnership with two experienced training providers, will deliver programmes ranging from Apprenticeship Level 3 for business analysts, to Level 7 for cyber security which is the equivalent of a Masters degree. Staff are given time to study during the week, with individuals also committing to some home study.

In addition, new roles for the future will include leading the company’s growing function as a Distribution System Operator, digital strategists, data analysts, cyber security and software engineering.

Workforce development and partnership lead Liz Nash said:

“This is a great opportunity for us to meet our business’ needs for the future, expand current job portfolios and attract new talent from diverse backgrounds. This diversified apprenticeship programme is a key result of our Levelling Up work. The idea is the broader the range of apprenticeships offered, the broader the range of applicants we could attract.

“Our training strategy has a new, strong focus on digital skills to help ensure our employees are kept highly trained and have the skills to fulfil their roles and provide the best possible service to our customers. We see personal skills development as an important motivational factor for our staff, as it helps people build satisfying and rewarding careers with us. With the right training and opportunities available, many people can, and do, stay with us for decades.”

Firebrand Training Ltd is one of the training providers, and Natalie Wilson director of client services said: “We are looking forward to supporting UK Power Networks as they look to enhance career development opportunities for employees. This forward- thinking approach will help ensure they offer digital roles fit for the future, benefitting individuals’ careers, the company and its customers.”

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