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Higher and degree apprenticeships

Information on what higher and degree apprenticeships are and a summary of upcoming opportunities for programmes starting in 2022.

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Higher degree vacancy listing

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Higher apprenticeships go from level 4 to 7 and are equivalent to a foundation degree and above. Degree apprenticeships are available at levels 6 and 7 and are equivalent to a full bachelor’s and Master’s.

They combine work with study and may include a work-based, academic or combined qualification or a professional qualification relevant to the industry.

You can search for current higher and degree apprenticeships on Find an apprenticeship

Higher and degree vacancy listing

This document will provide a listing of the higher and degree vacancies available with a variety of apprenticeship employers. If you are interested in the job role you will be able to click the link to apply or submit an expression of interest.

Graduates moving onto apprenticeships

Graduates are able to apply for an apprenticeship as the next step in their career after gaining their degree, if this means acquiring substantive new skills. This ensures that an individual is not funded twice to do the same training.

You can look at specific apprenticeships on the Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education website to see if the course content is substantially different to your prior training and education.

You should also contact training providers for advice on your eligibility based on your prior learning.

Graduates considering their next steps can find a range of useful information in the Graduate employment and skills guide from the Office for Students.

The guide sets out 5 important steps to help graduates think about their choices and what they would like to do next:

  • identifying skills
  • developing skills
  • gaining experience
  • applying for jobs
  • wellbeing

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