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How vocational qualifications can help you stand out from the crowd

In a world where a university degree is more commonplace than ever before, standing out from the crowd when it comes to finding employment can seem somewhat daunting. Leaving school with all the theoretical knowledge you’d need to succeed is one thing but being able to apply your understanding in a practical way is a skill that can only be learnt by getting involved and having those experiences.

A vocational qualification from Waltham Forest College is an excellent way of acquiring the proficiency and talent that universities and employers are looking for, a fact that student, Jahan Hussain, understood well.

“In 2020, I achieved an outstanding set of A level grades with a B in biology, A in chemistry and A* in psychology. I had already been accepted to Kings College London to start a degree course in Biomedical science and was preparing for this next chapter of my education. However, when researching the requirements of having a successful career and flourishing in the work environment, I found that skills are just as vital as knowledge. I realised that I had knowledge, but my skillset was very limited and according to my research, the chances of me thriving are lower than those with a developed skillset. Therefore, I decided to reject my offer from Kings College London and wanted to expand my skillset in a field that can contribute to many areas of knowledge and that was IT. After doing more research, I found the BTEC L3 National Extended Certificate in IT at Waltham Forest College.”

Jahan goes on to further explain: “I believed this was the perfect course for me as the units such as data modelling and creating systems to manage information (Database Systems subject) are prevalent in many areas like science, finance, and marketing. This means my skillset will expand to multiple areas like these and I can leave with an additional qualification that will allow me to stand out amongst other graduates with just A levels and a degree.”

A clear example of how technical qualifications can enhance your skills beyond simply ticking a box, the opportunities on offer at Waltham Forest College could impact your entire career path, most especially the ease with which you are able to take that first step.

“Not only will I stand out and have a higher chance of becoming successful at work, but my grades and additional qualifications will make me more attractive to employers and more opportunities will be coming my way. I believe my decision to study this course during my gap year instead of going to university straight away is one of the best decisions I have made.”

This is certainly evident by the fact that Jahan successfully completed the first year of the BTEC L3 National Extended Certificate in IT with Distinction overall, allowing her to move forward with more confidence in her own abilities and setting herself apart from the rest with her newfound skills.

“I have now been accepted again at Kings College London and preparing myself for this chapter of my education where I am certain I will utilize all the skills and knowledge I have learnt in this IT department at Waltham Forest College.”

Whether you’re looking for more skills, still deciding what your dream career might be, or you’re an adult learner looking for inspiration, Waltham Forest College is here to support you as you strive to achieve your dreams. Knowing that many would face difficulties in their day-to-day lives by returning to education, the College offer assistance in the form of financial aid such as bursaries, childcare assistance, and free breakfast for all students.

To find out more about the College and how it can help you to achieve your own aspirations, simply head over to their website and register for the next Open Event on Wednesday 19th October, 4pm – 7pm.

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