Find out how you can still register for childcare with Ofsted if you do not meet the requirements of being a childminder, nanny, nursery or other daycare.

Start a childcare business

If you do not meet the registration requirements of any of the other childcare provider types, you might be able to register only on the Childcare Register.

There are 2 parts of the Childcare Register, with different registration requirements:

  • voluntary
  • compulsory

Certain other people involved in your daycare will also need to apply to Ofsted themselves as part of your application to register.

The parts of the Childcare Register

Running a business on the Childcare Register

When you are on the Childcare Register, you must report to Ofsted any significant events affecting your childcare within 14 days.

Changes to a business on the Childcare Register

You must tell Ofsted about changes to those responsible for your childcare organisation.

If the childcare takes place in someone’s home, you must tell Ofsted about any changes to who is living or working there.

Anyone you have to tell us about must also apply to join your registration.

Making payments to Ofsted

You will need to maintain your Ofsted registration with an annual fee.

Published 12 October 2021 Contents