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LG Energy staff complete climate change qualification to boost green credentials

A leading North West energy consultancy has boosted its climate change credentials after completing a series of training courses with PHX Training.

A total of 24 employees at LG Energy Group have recently enrolled and six have already completed qualifications in climate change awareness, to ensure the whole company can apply best environmental practice to its daily operations as it seeks to reduce its overall carbon footprint.

LG Energy, which has offices in Manchester and Blackpool, works with businesses across the country to reduce energy consumption to improve environmental performance and cut costs. The company is also taking a step forward in making its own operations more environmentally friendly.

The climate change course is an accredited Level 2 qualification and teaches employees about sustainability, including the science behind global warming, its effects on local businesses and ways to limit a company’s carbon footprint.

Dave Loveday, Director of Operations at LG Energy Group, said: “As a company, reducing energy and waste is a large part of what we offer for clients, so it’s vitally important that all our staff fully understand the importance of reducing our own carbon footprint.

“The courses from PHX Training allowed us to check that our knowledge around climate change was still up to date and meeting all best practice, while introducing our own employees to the importance of reducing consumption and emissions and our own company impact on the environment.

“The courses themselves were supportive and practical, which meant we could easily incorporate what we learned into our daily business operations and how we talk with clients.”

PHX Training, which has offices in Blackpool, Preston and Morecambe is delivering 1,500 qualifications for businesses alongside Lancashire Enterprise Partnership to help companies skill up their staff.

The courses, which are fully funded by the Department for Work and Pensions alongside the European Social Fund, are available to all businesses in Lancashire looking to increase the knowledge and skills of employees. In addition to climate change awareness, other courses available to businesses include data protection, customer service, hospitality and safeguarding for the care sector.

Darren Pond, Business Manager for Work Based Learning at PHX Training, said: “The biggest challenge identified by most businesses is changing the habits and behaviours of staff so that everybody understands the importance of reducing emissions and being more environmentally friendly. That can vary from being energy efficient in the office, through to working with suppliers to cut waste.

“Our courses are fully funded and can allow staff to build a greater understanding of how to meet the low carbon agenda, while also allowing them to harness the potential business, financial and sales benefits which are all possible.”

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