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LRN in Somaliland

Minister of Education, LRN's CEO, Assessment Manager and Somaliland Team

LRN’s International GCSE & AS/A-Level qualifications are taking place on Thursday 8th of June in Somaliland.

It is an opportunity for Somalilanders to gain British qualifications for the first time in Hargeisa.

Somaliland has attracted and caught the attention of Learning Resource Network (LRN).

The event that took place in Ambassador Hotel was attended by leading dignitaries of the Somaliland education, the Mayor of Hargeisa and his team.

The Minister of Education, His Excellency Mr Ahmed Mohamed Diriye, has reaffirmed his commitment and pledged continued progress.

LRN’s CEO, Dr Muhammad Zohaib Tariq, said that it was a great pleasure and unforgettable experience to be in Somaliland and witness  high stake qualifications taking place.

LRN has been recognised by the Somaliland Ministry of Education and Science.

LRN’s regional manager, Kaltun Abdillahi, is determined to work in partnership with stakeholders. This will pave the way for Somaliland students to progress further to higher education institutes globally.

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