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NEOMA announces new iLearning courses structured like television series

Three new remote courses, which are structured based on storytelling techniques in the film and television industry, have been introduced for the 2022-2023 academic year at NEOMA Business School.

These new “iLearning” courses cast participants in a specific role, for instance, Chief Digital Officer. Knowledge is acquired through a gameplay-like format which increases the potential for storytelling, as participants make decisions and complete objectives.

This method makes engagement compulsory – progression is impossible without direct interaction with the course content.

“Our biggest competitors in online education are content streaming platforms. To compete, we must maintain high quality and appealing content and pedagogy, while maximising the fun and the experience of learning. So, we’ve reinvented the learning experience, structuring interactive content using a ‘web series’ approach in which participants can alter the scenario at any time,” says Alain Goudey, Associate Dean for Digital at NEOMA.

The new courses equate to 30 hours of class time, with a focus on current challenges organisations face such as Digital Literacy, Change Management, and Data Management.

“By using storytelling techniques similar to the content in a Netflix series, we want to tap into the power of positive emotions to directly benefit learning. The ‘i’ in our iLearning courses is a reference to the iconic Apple wording, but also stands for ‘interactive’, ‘inspiring’, and ‘immersive’ learning,” Goudey adds.

The courses also aim to train people for the technological developments that will shape the future of workplaces, including artificial intelligence, connected devices, and quantum computing.

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