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DAN.IT, Ukrainian Edtech provider, backed by Astound and Wix defies war at home to expand abroad to UK and EU in 2022

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  • Ukrainian IT success story expands offer through bespoke metaverse; ensuring war cannot disrupt education.
  • DAN.IT’s metaverse is one of the first clear case studies of how the metaverse can actually be used to build a business, providing a shared virtual classroom for students across the world
  • Expansion is led by team predominantly still based in Ukraine, despite ongoing crisis.

(London, UK) -DAN.IT, the international EdTech leader, announces today the beginning of a major expansion drive, with a cutting-edge flagship new offering in the United Kingdom. Backed by global tech companies and a group of private investors, DAN.IT’s Metaverse-based education platform will be launched over the coming months.

Established just 6 years ago, DAN.IT is a global EdTech brand, offering courses around a bespoke metaverse, which provides the first training programme where budding IT specialists can gain sought-after technical and non-technical skills in a 360-degree immersive experience, taught by renowned industry experts. With a 24/7 direct line to tutors, and their peers, DAN.IT is taking the often-solitary experience of tech education and other IT skills and socialising it for 21st century learners.

Find out more about DAN.IT Metaverse’s innovative approach by taking a tour around their virtual learning hub on YouTube. Click here.

Around the world, hundreds of thousands of young people, and professionals in the midst of their career want to embark on a fulfilling career in IT. DAN.IT offers them the opportunity to do so in a deeply immersive metaverse environment, where students, wandering online from class-to-class can bump into each other, engage in spontaneous discussions, learn from and inspire one another in a way that simply isn’t possible with video or teleconferencing technology.

The technology behind this innovative learning solution, vetted by an advisory board including names like Astound, and Wix,  integrates a unique practice-based teaching methodology with personalised mentorship, in-metaverse job fairs, and all-round career coaching that guarantees students get their coveted break into Tech.

DAN.IT’s Metaverse is launching in the UK with an already impressive line-up of courses including Data Analytics, Machine Learning, Programming Essentials, Frontend Development, Full stack Development, UI/UX design and Product Ownership, but is expected to expand into wider disciplines including creative thinking, digital market, cyber security, and soft skills for the changing Tech landscape. 

Ksenia Stolbova, CEO, DAN.IT said:

“Launching today in the UK, we have created an online environment where students from all over the world can come together to learn, regardless of the situation on the ground in the own country. As a Ukrainian that makes me very proud. Just 19 days after the war began, we managed to restart our business, and now, 127 days later, with the majority of our staff still in Ukraine, we’re truly going global. 

Eddie Prilepsky, Founder, DAN.IT added:

“With 35% year on year annual growth, and a 73% employment rate amongst our graduates, it’s clear students and businesses both value DAN.IT as an education provider. The UK is the perfect market to test those growth figures to the limit and we are hungry for even greater growth in the next 5 years.”

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