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Reading College student designs a trophy for our local NHS heroes

Reading College student designs a trophy for our local NHS heroes

A student from Reading College has had her trophy design made into a trophy for the Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust’s 2022 annual staff awards. 

This spring Reading College’s Foundation Diploma in Art and Design students had the exciting opportunity to work on a live brief which required them to develop a trophy design for the Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust’s 2022 annual staff awards.

Following an online briefing with the trust’s marketing team, the students began developing ideas through drawing and later digitised their final designs to submit to the trust.

The students had to consider budget, use of materials, scale and the trust’s core values when designing: Compassionate, Aspirational, Resourceful and Excellent.

The brief also required the students to design a trophy which felt prestigious and something to be proud of.

The awards, rebranded as the Royal Berkshire CARE Awards, aim to highlight staff excellence across a variety of areas, from patient safety, clinical care, to research and innovation.

A team consisting of the trust’s directors and the trophy makers selected Alice as the winner. Her trophy was presented to 12 members of staff at the Royal Berkshire CARE Awards.

Speaking about her winning design, Alice said:

“My design was in the shape of a hand reaching out. The premise behind this was so the trophy could be interpreted in several ways. Whether you see the hand as reaching out for aid, going for a handshake, or just a powerful and strong image of authority.

“The one thing in common is that no matter how you view it, when you receive the trophy, you’re going to feel proud of what you’ve achieved.

“When I was told that the trophies would be handed to doctors and nurses, I felt honoured, and I wanted to reflect this in my design as the most important part of the trophy should be its ability to make you feel proud of yourself and your work.” 

Alice has been studying a Foundation Diploma in Art and Design at the college on King’s Road this year.

She said: “When I found out my design was chosen, I was very surprised and incredibly excited to see my designs be made into physical trophies that would be awarded to hardworking people who deserved it!

“The attitude I had was to take this opportunity to get experience of working with a client and producing a product. I learned that working with a client can be fun! I enjoyed having to fulfil a brief, the experience of working with a client has given me a lot of knowledge should I wish to do it more in future.

“It’s also greatly fulfilling to make something for someone else. As important as it is for you to be happy in your work, the gratifying feeling of knowing someone else is receiving and loving your work is unique.” 

Now that she has finished her studies, Alice aims to pursue career opportunities in the beauty sector, after discovering an interest in beauty brand designs through her final major project.

Nicola Fowler, Art and Design Lecturer at Activate Learning said:

“I am really pleased for Alice. This is an amazing opportunity for her!  

“Students getting to work on live projects for the community with real clients is an invaluable part of their course, as it teaches them about what it’s like to work to a brief.  

“Our students were also given the opportunity to present their design to the Marketing team at Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust, which gave them an experience of doing a pitch, which they may do in their future careers and helped them to develop their presentation skills.”

Lynn Bushell, Communications and Engagement Lead at Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust said:

“Alice came out as the most popular choice and we are delighted. The designs were wonderful, and it was a close call but this one felt like it had considered all the staff and the nature of the CARE awards.”   

“This was an extra special year as the trust held its first award ceremony since the pandemic started, where Alice’s trophy was awarded to the 12 winners. 

“The awards are an opportunity to recognise the hard work and dedication of our staff – after nearly two years of challenges posed by COVID-19 and other difficulties. We want the awards to be something staff aspire towards and a demonstration of the Trust’s commitment to staff recognition.” 

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