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‘Rebels’ Receive Standing Ovation

‘Rebels’ Receive Standing Ovation

Congratulations to our Performing Arts students from Newtown College who put on an impressive, high-energy, performance of American Idiot at Hafren Theatre recently. The non-stop music and dance theatre show featured songs from the American rock band Green Day.

The story follows the lives of three childhood friends who are struggling to find meaning in a world in the aftermath of 9/11. The friends played by Nye Parton, Blu Robinson and Rhys Williams brought convincing performances of rebellious youths trying to break away from their mid-suburban lives. There were also powerful performances from Eva Dimitriou, and Dillon Morgan-Worley and all the cast brought something of their own interpretation to the performance, be it dance style, hair, or costume.

The show included hits like ‘Boulevard of Broken Dreams’, ‘She’s a Rebel’ and the title track ‘American Idiot’ from the 2004 multi-platinum album, leaving the audience entertained and also feeling like they had been to a music gig.

Lecturer, Ruth Calvert, added: “This year the students chose to do American Idol with its high energy appeal, powerful music, and relatable storyline. They wanted to bring the show up to date and draw attention to current issues and consider how they would have impacted the characters within the show. I think they felt that they could relate to some of the struggles that the characters felt at times, and this helped them perform with emotion.  The students put everything they had into their performances, and this really showed in their delivery. We are extremely pleased with how the shows went, and the feedback received from the audiences was fantastic with a standing ovation on their final performance.”

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