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LMI for All: Developing and enhancing a labour market information database

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#LMI for All is provided by the Department for Education (@EducationGovUK) and delivered by the Institute for Employment Research (@WarwickIER) at the University of Warwick in collaboration with Pontydysgu (a Welsh educational research institute).

This service is a careers labour market information (LMI) database that uses a number of national data sources to inform and support individuals when making decisions about their careers.

The service is made freely available via an application programming interface (API) for use in websites and applications.

An overview of the stakeholder engagement and usage, data and technical developments of the LMI for All service, 2017 to 2020.


LMI for All 2019 to 2020

Ref: ISBN 978-1-83870-233-5, RR1096PDF, 822KB, 46 pages

LMI for All 2018 to 2019

Ref: ISBN 978-1-83870-090-4 , DfE-00024-2020, RR 971 PDF, 698KB, 51 pages

LMI for All 2017 to 2018



LMI for All 2016 to 2017 is in the National Archives.

The LMI for All briefing paper gives an overview of the service. This also includes the reports from when LMI for All was funded by the UK Commission for Employment and Skills (UKCES).

Published 6 February 2020
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