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Sky partners with IvybridgeLink Charity to open Sky Up Digital Hub in Isleworth

  • Sky will provide the BridgeLink Community Centre, run by the IvybridgeLink charity, with free wi-fi, access to devices and digital skills support. 
  • The centre serves over 3000 residents in Isleworth. 
  • As a major local employer with its group headquarters in Isleworth, Sky has launched the Digital Hub to tackle digital inequality and support people who are digitally excluded. 

On Monday, in partnership with IvybridgeLink Charity, Sky opened a Digital Hub at The BridgeLink Community Centre, close to its group headquarters in Isleworth. Located on the Ivybridge Estate, the community centre provides critical services to more than 3,000 residents, including afterschool homework clubs, youth clubs, holiday clubs for local children, coffee mornings, training and consultation programmes. Sky is enhancing these services by providing free wi-fi, access to digital devices and digital skills training. 

Sky’s Group CEO, Dana Strong said:

“Sky is focused on unlocking possibilities for people in Isleworth with the tools, skills and programmes that we provide through this Sky Up Digital Hub close to our group headquarters. Tackling digital inequality is at the heart of our work to empower people to fulfil their potential.”

Through its Sky Up programme, Sky is empowering individuals through greater connectivity and access to vital digital skills training, supporting them to reach their potential.

Based on recent surveys of the local community, residents of Ivybridge rely on the services provided by the BridgeLink Centre. Sky’s new Digital Hub will enhance the centre’s programmes and training activities by providing over 50 technology devices, ranging from laptops, desktops, tablets, podcast equipment, and tech accessories.

Sky staff will also work with IvybridgeLink and local partners to run masterclass skills sessions for young people and help those people over the age of 65 learn essential digital skills to help with important daily tasks.

IvybridgeLink Charity Chair of Trustees, Rob Kemp:

“IvybridgeLink’s partnership with Sky Up is a fantastic opportunity to further develop our centre’s offer to the local community. The Digital Hub facilities and support Sky is providing will help us to continue to meet the needs of BridgeLink Centre users – enabling more local people to access digital media, learn new digital skills and build their confidence in using the internet. We’re really excited about the benefits of being a hub will bring to people of all ages on the Ivybridge Estate and the wider Isleworth community.”

Local MP for Brentford and Isleworth, Ruth Cadbury MP:

“I was delighted to open the Sky Up Digital Hub at the BridgeLink Community Centre today. IvybridgeLink provides support and critical services to residents locally including homework clubs, youth activities, coffee mornings, a community Pantry and skills training programmes. These also provide fantastic support networks that make a life-changing difference to local families.

With a Sky Up Digital Hub opening here, the services will be enhanced through greater connectivity and more digital devices. I look forward to working with Sky and IvybridgeLink as we continue to support the local community.” 

In 2022, Sky launched its ambition to tackle digital inequality with a three-part initiative providing support to a quarter of a million digitally excluded people through a dedicated £10m fund. The programme was created to ensure that groups who are most at risk of digital exclusion – under 25s in under-served communities and over 65s – are provided with the skills they need to succeed. Sky Up aims at delivering 100 new Digital Hubs around the UK & Ireland with the goal to offer digital resources to support the most vulnerable communities.

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