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Students get hands on experience as part of film crew

Two students were offered the chance to be part of the production crew shooting a new promotional film. 

The opportunity came about when video production company Suited and Booted Studios, decided to use the studio facilities at the East London Institute of Technology for its latest project. The company is well known for producing brand films, social media videos and TV advertising for a range of clients. 

Not only did the company decide to use the Institute as it’s filming location, it also decided that it would be a great way to offer some real work experience to students too. Alex Reece, 18, and Jasmine Mustafa, 19, both from Dagenham, who have just completed their studies at the East London Institute of Technology, part of Barking & Dagenham College, were the lucky students asked if they would like to become ‘runners’ for the project.   

As a runner, their role involved helping to ensure everything ran smoothly, making sure the crew had what was needed, getting equipment ready, directing everyone to the right places and assisting in setting up the shoots.     

It was the perfect opportunity for Alex, who explains:

“Being a runner was good experience.  I got to learn some new skills and meet new people in the industry.  I found it really fun and interesting and it’s given me a little more confidence in myself and my capabilities. It’s definitely an experience I will remember”   

Jasmine also felt it was a great experience and is keen to utilise it.  She adds:

“Now I’ve done this, I plan to apply for more runner jobs.”  

Sara Strickland from Suited and Booted Studios said:

“We used Barking & Dagenham College to showcase how new and emerging technology is being used in FE colleges.  Everyone at the College went above and beyond to help make this production happen quickly and efficiently.  Being able to recruit runners from within the college was a real bonus and everyone on the crew was impressed with how professional the students were. I wish all locations were as easy to work with as Barking & Dagenham College.”

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