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Students helped to picture their future careers through trip to Lisbon

Photography and design students embarked on a two-week trip to Lisbon, Portugal, aimed at shaping their future careers.

This educational excursion was organised as part of the Erasmus+ programme, which fosters cross-cultural learning and provides opportunities for millions of Europeans to study, train, and gain valuable experience abroad.

The students had the privilege of participating in work placements within Lisbon’s vibrant creative industries, offering them a firsthand glimpse into the professional landscape of Portugal’s capital city. Additionally, they had the opportunity to explore the rich cultural tapestry that Lisbon had to offer. The experience enhanced their independence and budgeting skills, also providing a platform to learn Portuguese through dedicated language classes.

Alongside the placements, their tutor David Bennett arranged private meetings for the students with leading photographers and architects who are operating in Lisbon today. David emphasised the significance of these personal encounters, stating, “These important meetings in the professionals’ natural habitats provided our students with an intimate understanding of their creative processes, professional practices, and the vital importance of networking, collaboration, and hard work. The students unanimously described these meetings as the highlight of the trip.”

Students returned home with a renewed sense of purpose and determination, eager to apply their newfound knowledge and experiences to shape their successful careers.

Emanuelly Cardoso Santos, 23, from Plaistow got to meet architect Luis Rebelo:

“Our visit was incredibly inspiring and interesting, and seeing how an architecture firm operates inspired me to pursue a career in this field.

The opportunity to ask Luis some questions was, in my opinion, the best moment. I will do my best to follow his advice.”

Budding photographer Richie Lacey, 19, from Romford met renowned travel and landscape photographer Andy Mumford. Richie said:

“Andy was a really interesting person to meet and talked about some of the incredible places he went too and how to deal with certain landscapes.

“I found the conversation with him so engaging and helpful in my own work. The discussion about the business side of photography was really useful, especially his tip about YouTube and how it can be a really good platform to help build a name for yourself and promote your photography and build a client list.”

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