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Elyana Guler, West London College Art and Design Student and winner of the London Met Big Writing Challenge 2022

West London College Art and Design Level 3 student Elyana Guler has been named the overall winner of London Metropolitan University’s ‘Big Writing Challenge’ (28 June) at the prestigious offices of Orion Publishing.  Elyana’s short story was selected the overall winner by the publishing director at Orion, Emad Akhtar.

Elyana describes her story ’The Grimm’,  as “a supernatural thriller” and as part of her prize for winning, the story will soon be published on the Orion website for us all to read.

Amy Collins, Senior Outreach Officer at London Metropolitan University said: “The judges were really impressed with the maturity of Elyana’s writing, and the way in which she painted a really clear picture right from the start which just grew and grew. We found her writing intriguing right from the start, and loved the way the mystery unfolded. She was also a pleasure to have on the project, and really got stuck in to all of the activities and discussions.”

Elyana’s journey to her winning entry began when Careers Advisor, Jemima Wiredu circulated details about the competition in February. A meeting in March with the Big Writing Challenge team followed.  Elyana attended a writing ‘bootcamp’ in April, hosted by the London Met Creative Writing Department. In early June, Elyana’s story was submitted and just a few weeks later, she was announced the winner.

Jemima said:  “Well done Elyana!! You were very enthusiastic and showed a lot of interest in the Big Writing Challenge from the onset. I keenly followed your determination and excitement about your writing, and I’m not at all surprised at you emerging as the WINNER.  I wish you more success in your studies and future endeavours.”

As part of her prize. Elyana was presented with a framed first page of her story and many books to enjoy.

Elyana says: “I was thrilled to win the competition it is a huge thing for me to have done.” Asked if she sees herself as a writer or an artist, she replied “I see myself as both!”

Elyana plans to go to university to study art when she finishes her Art and Design Level 3 course.

Gareth McLennan, Head of Curriculum – IT, Digital and Creative, said: “Winning the Big Writing Challenge is an enormous achievement for Elyana, and we’re all very proud of her. Her win also benefits other students too, as it gives them more confidence to take part in competitions.”

Elyana Guler with Amad Akhtar, Orion Publishing Director

If you are interested in an art and design course at West London College, click on the link to browse and apply. 

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