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Young people to discuss careers guidance with Education Committee

Evidence Session  

Careers education, information, advice and guidance (CEIAG) 

Tuesday 29 November at 10.00, Committee Room 15  

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  A panel of young people will be asked by MPs on the Education Committee to reflect on the careers education they have received at school or college. 

This fourth session of the cross-party Committee’s inquiry into Careers education, information, advice and guidance (CEIAG) will enable MPs to hear first-hand evidence from those with recent lived experience. 

MPs will ask about the emphasis that was placed on academic or vocational routes, whether one-to-one meetings with advisors were made available, and whether their teachers made efforts to relate their lessons to real-life uses and career pathways. 

There will also be questions to the witnesses on whether they received information from their schools about apprenticeships, and whether they were offered work experience through their school or college. 

A key line of questioning during this inquiry has been on schools and colleges’ adherence to the Baker Clause, which requires schools to give training providers and colleges access to pupils in years 8 to 13 to discuss technical education and apprenticeships. 

The Committee has also raised questions about adherence to the six Gatsby Benchmarks, which include a goal for every pupil to have had at least one experience of a workplace by the age of 16 (additional to any part-time jobs), and further experience by the age of 18.    


  From 10:00  

  • Harley, sixth form student from Lancashire  
  • Hayley, sixth form student from Northampton  
  • Hollie, apprentice from Essex  
  • Holly, GCSE student from Greater Manchester  
  • James, apprentice from Sunderland 
  • Maddelin, university student from London  
  • Mariam, sixth form student from London 

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