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A new era for the USA with a new President-Elect and a new era for education with the exciting news of 3aaa America launching apprenticeships in the USA.

UK based joint owner of 3aaa, Di McEvoy-Robinson, will join the President of USA Operations, Paul Champion, and their newly established team, to officially launch 3aaa USA on Thursday 17th November 2016. This new venture for the UK based Training Company is offering USA educational programmes in partnership with TranZed Apprenticeships Services.

Di McEvoy-Robinson said “We are delighted to have the opportunity to adapt our successful Apprenticeships and to be taking them to the USA market. It is a very important time for America right now and we want to enhance the US educational system by opening the doors to an Apprenticeship route to better paid jobs for more Americans.”

Just over a year ago, 3aaa joint owner Peter Marples supported a delegation, which visited both Washington and Baltimore, where the opportunity to invest in the US was identified. As they say, the rest is history and Di McEvoy-Robinson and Peter Marples have forged an exciting partnership with The Children’s Guild in Baltimore and together they will open the first 3aaa America Apprenticeship center in the State of Maryland, with plans to open more in US States in 2017.

3aaa’s first Educational Centre in Baltimore is now fully operational with plans to roll out more along the East Coast over the next few years. 3aaa’s second branch in Florida will be opening in early 2017 following their UK model where they have 40 centres across England. They have developed the mantra that you should never be more than an hour away from an academy, which is something 3aaa wish to transpose to their USA operations.

Expanding the educational options in America will require tenacity, investment and flexibility. The UK Governments over the past years have prioritised Apprenticeship routes as a real alternative to University and the USA Administration is following the same goals. A 4-year college degree can no longer guarantee employment, but an Apprenticeship provides income whilst learning and it is quite simply a job with training. What could be better for young people than earning whilst learning?

Visit our 3AAA USA website to see how 3aaa are offering life-changing opportunities for young people across the USA as we do in the UK.

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