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8 Reasons Why Life-long Learning Can be Fun

From helping you get your perfect job to pursuing a long-held dream we round up the reasons why going back to school can be cool.

For many of us our school days feel like a distant memory but there are plenty of reasons to keep learning as we get older.

Whether it is a step up the ladder to your dream job, turning your passion into a career or just the joy of learning something new, there are plenty of reasons why life-long learning can be fun.

Not only that, but continuing to learn into adulthood can actually improve your health.

Studies have shown adults who keep their brains active are less likely to develop symptoms of dementia and acquiring a new skill or developing an old one can improve mental well-being.

We team up with Sussex Coast College to round-up the top eight reasons why life-long learning can be fun and improve your quality of life.

1. Learning new skills – no matter what your age there is satisfaction in learning a new skill, whether it is dry-point etching or web page development.

2. Meeting like-minded people – taking a course you are passionate about brings you into contact with people who share that passion and could leave you with new life-long friends.

3. Getting back to work – returning to the workplace after a career break can be daunting. Getting up to date with the latest developments in your chosen field will improve your CV and self esteem.

4. Up-skilling for that promotion – make yourself stand out from your co-workers by taking the initiative and improving your skills.

5. Staying young – keeping your mind active and stimulated can improve your mental well-being and improve cognitive function.

6. Building self-confidence – taking the time to invest in yourself can boost your self-esteem. After years of looking after others or working just to pay the bills this is your chance to do something for yourself.

7. Discovering a hidden talent – once you start studying again you could discover a hidden talent in anything from engineering to creating the perfect hair style.

8. Starting out on your own – more people than ever are choosing to start their own business and life-long learning can give you the skills you need to make that leap.

Sussex Coast College launches its year-round part-time courses in July with a week of free taster sessions.

Anyone who signs up by July 31 receives a 10 per cent discount on course fees, subject to terms and conditions.

For more information, visit the adult learning page or call 01424 442222.

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