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9 Jobs You Can Start With Online Training

If you are looking to embark on a new career or advance in your current one, but don’t have the time to attend a traditional school, an online program might be able to help you out. And there are some truly rewarding and exciting jobs that you can prepare for completely online. Take a look at these jobs to get an idea of the career paths that online training might open up for you. 

1. Paralegal

If you have always dreamed of a career in law, but the idea of accumulating excessive amounts of student loan debt from law school isn’t all that appealing, then consider a career as a paralegal. You’ll perform specialized work for attorneys such as researching case law, reading trial notes and transcripts, and helping them prepare for trials. 

Most online paralegal courses can be completed in about a year, while some offer certification in as little as three months. Be sure to check laws that govern licensing in your state to know if a program will work for you.  

2. IT Support

Does something a little more high tech appeal to you? There is a growing demand for IT support professionals to troubleshoot and repair hardware and software. You can train online in as little as a few months for this type of role. 

3. Real Estate

A career in real estate offers flexible scheduling and the potential for substantial earnings. It can also be an excellent second income source.  Stop asking “Is there a real estate school near me?” and enroll in one of the great online programs that can prepare you to become a real estate agent or assistant. 

4. Project Manager

An online degree in business administration can help pave the way for a wide range of jobs, including that of a project manager. This is an excellent entry management role that can advance to program or portfolio manager positions as you grow and develop more skills. 

5. Writer

There are plenty of writing careers that you can prepare for completely online. You might consider working in content management or as a content writer of you prefer the marketing side of writing.  Certificates and degrees in journalism, English, and marketing can all serve you well in this area. 

6. Transcriptionist

If you are looking for flexibility and the opportunity to work from home in your new career, take a look at transcriptionist jobs. The training can be done online and generally takes four months or less to complete. You’ll need excellent typing skills and the ability to accurately type information from audio files to succeed in this role.

While most transcriptionist jobs are in the medical field, working for doctors, hospitals, or insurance companies, there are other avenues you can pursue. Court reporters are also transcriptionists, and many attorneys and law enforcement offices use transcriptionists to process recordings. 

7. Video Game Designer

Video games are big business. While some people make their living actually playing the games, designing them is probably a more predictable career path. It isn’t a job for everyone, though. Check to see if you have the skills to succeed as a video game designer before you enroll in a training program.  

8. Risk Manager

A degree in finance can set you up for a role in the growing field of risk management. In this role, you will help minimize a company’s liability in the most effective, efficient, and cost-conscious manner. 

9. Healthcare Administrator

If working in the medical field is appealing, consider a career in healthcare administration. Also known as a health service or health care manager, you will oversee the operation of medical offices, departments, and practices in this role. You’ll likely need at least an undergraduate degree, but they are available at several reputable online schools. 

With advances in educational technology, you can train for a job in the medical, legal, and tech fields right from the comfort of your home. Take advantage of the flexibility online education offers to help prepare for a new and rewarding career on your own schedule. 

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