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Nottingham Business School (NBS) Students Help Adtrak Go Green For 2019

Adtrak, Nottingham’s leading digital marketing agency, has partnered with Nottingham Business School (NBS), working with students to find ways in which the company can ‘go green for 2019’.

Run by NBS, the environment focused project – Greenhouse Gas Management – will see students review Adtrak’s environmental data including its carbon footprint, offering solutions on how it can be improved.

The project aims to give students experience working in a business environment whilst allowing them to contribute to an issue that is becoming increasingly important. In turn, Adtrak will benefit through securing an insight into effective environmental solutions for its company, including methods in how to control carbon management.

The four-month project, which runs until February 2019, will see Adtrak host two separate teams of students. Each team will be tasked with analysing data, including reviewing the companies meter readings, paper and equipment usage, staff travel, lunch, waste and recycling habits.

At the end of the programme, the students will give Adtrak a carbon reduction target and produce a series of recommendations on how to reduce carbon emissions. A poster, relaying the team’s findings will also be created.

Laura Archer, Internet Marketing Consultant at Adtrak, comments:

“As a forward-thinking company, we’re always looking for ways in which we can be more environmentally friendly – whether it be through better recycling methods or improved usage of our machines.

“Through supporting the work delivered by NBS, the students will benefit from working within a local business, whilst Adtrak will receive a set of tailored recommendations,  designed around our business needs – a win win on both sides!”

Dr Shaun Gordon, Senior Lecturer and Assistant Course Leader at NBS, comments:

“At Nottingham Business School, we are delighted to be running the Greenhouse Gas Management project and grateful for the opportunity to work with Adtrak. The project involves students meeting with business clients, gathering information and data to be able to produce a carbon footprint.

“Focusing on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 13 (SDG13), Climate Action, emphasis is placed on experience of leadership, teamwork and problem solving, learning about sustainability and carbon management. These skills and competencies are among those that 21st century employers are looking for from graduates, giving them an edge above the rest when they start looking for employment.”

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