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Apprenticeship non-levy from April 2019 to March 2020

Non-levy contract arrangements.

As per our announcement in November 2018, we are extending apprenticeship non-levy contracts to provide stability while decisions about the future of the non-levy system are made.

We are issuing contract extensions at the end of February.

We have confirmed with non-levy providers:

  • They will be able to use their 12-month allocation to fund new starts and carry-in
  • No delivery above allocation will be funded
  • We do not anticipate announcing funding for growth, unless significant budget becomes available
  • Allocations will be based on the November (R04) data submission, using providers’ current delivery patterns and mix, with a forecast of their delivery from December until March. We will review the allocations in May 2019 using R09 data.
  • Allocations must be used, as usual process, within the terms and conditions of funding agreements and operated within the Apprenticeship funding rules 2018 to 2019 and the Individualised Learner Record specification.

We will confirm arrangements from April 2020 onwards by July 2019. Updated performance management rules will be published during March 2019.

Any providers wanting to discuss their non-levy contract can raise a query with our service desk.

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