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Apprenticeship standard: fishmonger (approved for delivery)

The Institute for Apprenticeships today (17 May) approved the (Level 2) Apprenticeship standard: fishmonger, which describes the job role that an apprentice will be doing and the skills required of them by the food and drink sector.

This document is relevant to:

  • employers wanting to recruit an apprentice
  • training organisations working with employers to make the apprenticeships available

The approved standard outlines the skills, knowledge and behaviours required of the apprentice and the job they will need to be able to do by the time they have completed their apprenticeship.

This standard is ready to use.

Under these reforms, employer-designed standards will replace frameworks over the course of this parliament.

If you’d like to get involved and contribute to the development of this standard, please read the guidance for trailblazers, and email the trailblazer contact.

The standard for a fishmonger was developed by:

  • Blue Earth Foods
  • Cross of York (chair)
  • GCH Fishmongers
  • Hodgson Fish
  • Hudsons Fish
  • Morrisons Produce Ltd
  • National Skills Academy for Food & Drink
  • Passionate About Fish Ltd
  • Regal Fish Supplies Ltd
  • Sainbury’s Supermarkets Ltd
  • Sea foods
  • Seafood Training Academy
  • Remus Seafood Emporium
  • Wellgate Fisheries

Funding information for employers and training organisations

Funding band: 10

Funding band maximum: £12,000

Read the apprenticeship funding rules for further information.

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