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AQA signs exclusive 6 year partnership agreement with BTL to deliver e-Assessment programme

BTL Group Ltd is delighted to announce a 6 year partnership agreement with AQA, one of the UK’s largest Awarding Bodies to develop and deliver their e-Assessment programme, TEAL (Technology Enabled Assessment for Learners).

The 6 year partnership will see BTL supply AQA with the Surpass suite – a Web 2.0 based, enterprise level e-Assessment solution, providing the tools for AQA to create, manage and deliver their portfolio of qualifications onscreen. BTL will be providing a full end-to-end service including project management, training and support to ensure the smooth transition from AQA’s current e- Assessment solution.

It is anticipated that BTL’s technology and expertise in e-Assessment will enable AQA to take advantage of leading edge onscreen examination capabilities. AQA already have a huge bank of research and experience in creating assessments; BTL Surpass will realise the potential of this wealth.

Keith Myers, Managing Director of BTL explains, “We are delighted to have been selected as the technology partner for AQA’s e-Assessment programme. We strongly believe that it is by having a close partnership with our customers, and through listening to their needs, that we are able to ensure Surpass remains a market leading e-Assessment solution. We are extremely pleased that BTL and AQA share such a close vision for the future of e-Assessment and we look forward to a long, successful partnership.”

Andrew Bird, Deputy Director General at AQA added, “We are very pleased to have joined forces with BTL to develop and deliver our TEAL programme.  We want to respond to the challenge of providing assessment that is relevant to young people’s needs and the changing world we live in.  The expertise and vision we share with BTL will help AQA to be the market leader, delivering a range of exceptional products using innovative technology.”

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