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Are You Job Ready?


With over 202,000 people having been made redundant (as of September 2020), and more people than ever applying for a single job role, Birmingham-based distance learning provider Oxbridge (@OxbridgeEdu) are asking the simple question, “Are you Job Ready?”

In partnership with Pertemps, Gleeson, and Hinterview, Oxbridge have launched the Job Ready Pack to help those who have been made redundant to improve their chances of securing their next job role.

From advice on perfecting video interview techniques, to industries which are thriving; the pinnacle of the pack are three free courses: Dealing with redundancy, CV Writing and finally, Interview Skills. These bitesize courses will help those struggling improve their employability and overcome common pitfalls.  

Did you know that the average recruiter only looks at a CV for 5-7 seconds?  

Standing out in the crowd has become more important than ever, and these courses can help jobseekers to do just that. Simple advice to help your CV sparkle includes:

  • Don’t include a photo of yourself – 88% of CVs including one are rejected
  • Make your first few lines count – grab the hiring manager’s attention
  • Spelling and grammar – so simple, but many fall at this hurdle
  • Amend your CV for each role you’re applying for – your CV should focus on the skills the job role requires and highlight how you can fulfil these.
  • Don’t make it too long – Time is short, so get your point across quickly
  • Remember your transferable skills – particularly if you’re moving industry

Speaking of the Job Ready Pack Oxbridge founder, Matt Jones, explains:

“With the coronavirus crisis mounting, we feel it’s our responsibility to do everything we can to help people. Entire industries have been hit really hard, and there are thousands of people looking to retrain in a different profession, and we want to help them. If they have a dream, we want to make it a reality.”

“Now is the time for people to gain new qualifications, or increase their skill set, to ensure they have a secure future,” said Matt. “Thanks to our Job Ready initiatives, we can be with people every step of the way to help them achieve their career goals. We want job seekers to know that they aren’t alone anymore when it comes to gaining the skills and confidence they need to take that next step.”

Recruitment specialists Pertemps has more than 200 branches nationwide, and has worked closely with Oxbridge on the project.

PR and Communications Executive, Charlotte Durham, said the Job Ready initiatives will help people stand out from the crowd. She explained,

“The Job Ready Pack isn’t just for those seeking work, it’s also for those that are worried about their job, or that have decided they want a change of direction. It’s great for us to be able to point candidates in the direction of the Job Ready initiatives, where there is so much advice available to them.” 

Hinterview is a video technology provider that works alongside a number of recruitment teams, including those at Pertemps.

Harriet Hollyfield, Customer Experience Manager at Hinterview, said:

“A lot of the interview process is being done remotely and people are having to get used to this new way of working. Through the Job Ready Pack, we can offer people advice and tips on how to ace their video interview.” 

Among the advice found in the Job Ready Pack is information about some of the best recession-proof careers to retrain in, such as childcare and counselling, with step-by-step guidance for those with no prior experience.

Jemini Dalal, Marketing Manager at Gleeson Recruitment Group, said:

“We have seen some sectors struggling, but others are doing really well. In the current climate, the Job Ready Pack is a fantastic resource for anyone looking for work. It will allow us to help job seekers as much as we can, and point them in the right direction towards a secure and successful future.”  

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