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Arrangements for results 2020 – updated

Update 19 August 2020

All students will be able to access their exam results from the examination details section of their eLIP. Alternatively, you can log onto the engage app after 8.30am on results day.

If you have any problems logging on, visit this page on the website 

GCSE results will issue on Thursday 20 August after 8.30am.

Vocational students will receive a notification when their results are available to view.

Following the Welsh Government’s decision this week, your GCSE grade has already been adjusted to give you the best result out of your calculated grade (standardisation) or the Centre Assessment Grades (the one the College submitted).

The usual appeals process is not available this year. However, if you have credible evidence that the grade you have been awarded is not what you would expect based on your work, you will need to submit the Centre Assessed Grade complaint form.

The Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ) has put this short video together explaining the process for qualifications they operate.


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