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Art exhibition celebrates creative ‘new blood’ from Borders

Borders College, Live Borders Museums & Galleries, and the Creative Arts Business Network (CABN) have partnered to showcase the work of six young visual artists from the Scottish Borders, formerly students of Borders College, by way of the ‘New Blood Exhibition’, set to take place at The Scott Gallery in Hawick Museum between 23 September and 24 December 2018.

The exhibition aims to show the wealth of young talent coming from Scotland’s art colleges by demonstrating the art education journey of the artists (Alice Scott, Annie Mulvey, Charlotte Miller, Gavin Wood, Martin Pringle, and Paulina Imbiorkiewicz), which began at Borders College and their respective high schools. Some of the works displayed at the exhibition, running as part of the Year of Young People 2018, were specially commissioned in a variety of media, with the exhibition poster itself produced by a former HND Visual Communications student of Borders College.

Niall Campbell, Art and Design Lecturer at Borders College and co-curator of the exhibition, who is himself a painter and printmaker, said:

“New Blood Exhibition sees 6 Borders College Art and Design alumni showing their work at Hawick Museum. The former students are at different points in their art journey, some are still at Art School and others have graduated attempting to make it their life. This is a major stepping stone for these students and great that it is happening in the Borders.

“The exhibitors will offer insight and advice to those thinking about art as a subject to study in both Further and Higher Education. Hearing first-hand from students is an invaluable tool in promoting the arts as a viable study choice.”

Charlotte Miller (aged 22 from Glenbenna, Walkerburn) whose work will be exhibited, says the Art and Design course at Borders College helped to expand her confidence, skills and knowledge, which she is now developing further whilst studying painting at the Robert Gordon University’s (RGU) Gray’s School of Art in Aberdeen.

Charlotte, who also works for RGU Arts and Heritage arranging and setting up exhibitions, says:

“I appreciate everything that I have learned though my time at Borders College and I know it will still be utilised throughout my career.

“This exhibition is a brilliant experience for my previous class mates and me. Encouraging arts and the creative practices around the Borders will be a fun and exciting experience. It means a lot to me to be given this opportunity.”

Fellow exhibitor Martin Pringle (aged 25 from Hawick) also credits his 2 years studying Art and Design at Borders College with building his confidence and abilities, adding that before beginning his course:

“I only knew that I enjoyed things like drawing and taking photos, but now I had a dedicated place and time to learn and further my education in all areas of Art and Design. The projects we undertook gave us reasons to use lots of different materials along with a timescale in which we learnt how to develop our ideas.”

Martin went on to complete a Higher National Diploma in Contemporary Art Practice at Edinburgh College, and now practices wedding and street photography. He is keen to increase awareness around the choices available to students leaving secondary education, and sees the New Blood exhibition as a great opportunity for everyone involved.

Alice Scott (aged 22 from Hawick) says that her time on the Borders College Art and Design course expanded her mind in ways she never thought possible, adding:

“The tutors Niall and Siobhan helped guide me out of my comfort zone by being in a safe and inspiring environment. Due to this, I felt more connected to being creative and I decided to continue my studies in this field.”

Guided workshops with the exhibitors are available to visitors from high schools within the Scottish Borders.

To arrange a workshop, please contact Niall Campbell on 08700 50 51 52.

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