From education to employment

Art Teacher to Business Development Manager


With aspirations of being an Art Teacher, Tristan Rose enrolled on the Foundation Art and Design course at CRC. The initial impression of the workshops being large, open spaces that were welcoming is what caught Tristan’s attention, along with the freedom the lecturers provided to enable learners to express themselves as artists.

After graduating from CRC, Tristan secured a role as a Graphic Designer where he learnt design and creativity skills that have proved to be invaluable in his move to the print industry, where he is currently employed as a Business Development Manager. Tristan’s role sees him continually meeting new people, getting involved in large tenders for new business and discussing the project brief where he uses his knowledge and skills in creativity to meet the specification.

Tristan says,

“In addition to studying Art and Design, CRC developed my personal skills. I was tutor representative and this responsibility gave me the confidence to work with new people in large groups. The autonomy I have in my current role is akin to that given by the lecturers at CRC and I believe that it is this freedom that has that led me to a career that takes me to new places, meeting new people. It is one of the most rewarding parts of my job.”

“My Advice to anyone taking their first steps in further education is, to not be afraid of stepping outside of the box. Goals and aspirations change, I set out to be an art teacher and the opportunities I have been given have resulted in a successful and fulfilling career in Business Development.”

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