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ASK SETH, which stands for Skills, Employment, Training and Help, is the UK’s first independent collection of online advice and support for a diverse range of people looking for work, and for professionals providing employability support to jobseekers.

The site has been masterminded by ERSA, the Employment Related Services Association. It is the only free, single source, digital platform in the UK which doesn’t require sign up or membership from jobseekers.

With easy access to key facts, information, resources and contact details, this fast, free site incorporates an Employment Support Directory of specialist organisations and employability providers offering fully-funded support for jobseekers. Employability Voices provides a multitude of top tips from businesses and charities on retraining and finding work, with employability, skills and training experts providing bite-sized video content across a diverse range of subjects. While Employability Resources fine tunes job searching questions and gives specific help for those with additional needs.

Covering England, Wales and Scotland, support can be accessed via the searcher’s postcode, so information is bespoke to their area. The website can be accessed anywhere with wifi, including public libraries, job centres, education settings and youth hubs.

Dovetailing with ERSA’s commitment to help jobseekers who may need additional support to find work, the content concentrates on specific jobseeker needs, such as those who may be finding work after redundancy, older jobseekers, homeless people, ex-offenders, those experiencing mental health issues, people with physical disabilities, migrant jobseekers, carers and first time jobseekers.

The conception of ASK SETH, created in partnership with Frog Systems, is part of the Covid response strategy, benefiting jobseekers as the UK continues to adhere to the Government’s roadmap to reopening. Accessible 24/7, the site includes multiple pages of national and regional jobseeker support and contact details, plus more than 150 videos from ERSA members and a database of 3,000 videos provided nationally.

Elizabeth Taylor, CEO of ERSA says:

The unique selling point of ASK SETH is that it is the UK’s only ‘go-to’ destination to access all you’d need to know for finding employment. Its functions are simple to manage for those less used to accessing this kind of information, and the videos enable jobseekers to gather the information and advice they need to make a successful step into employment. It is especially targeted to those who have little or no experience of unemployment with easy links and clear guidance on what many employability organisations offer. We are immensely proud of the format, and see it as a game changer for unemployed people in these challenging times.”

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