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SERC Lecturer Roxana Magee awarded PhD from @UlsterUni

SERC Lecturer Roxana Magee

South Eastern Regional College lecturer Roxana Magee has been awarded a PhD from the Ulster University.

55-year-old Roxana, who resides from Bangor, is due to receive her Degree of Doctor in Philosophy at a graduation ceremony at Ulster University in July 2018 after only four and a half years of study.

Roxana completed her PhD part-time while continuing her role as a lecturer at the college’s School of Hospitality, Management, Tourism and Languages. Roxana has worked in the Further Education sector for 27 years and is Course Director for the Ulster University Foundation Degree Tourism, Hospitality and Events course at SERC and teaches on the Liverpool John Moore University BA Business Studies.

Her specialism is Marketing but teaches on various other modules related to Tourism and Business Management.

Roxana’s research focused on the evaluation of a specific services marketing management framework (expanded servicescape) through its application to sites of Holocaust and Nazi Germany atrocities.

The topic investigated the presentation of the events of the Holocaust and other Nazi Germany atrocities at memorial sites (and museums); it also evaluated the value of such sites to the new generation of visitors and current society overall.

On achieving one of her lifetime ambitions Roxana said:

“I always knew that I wanted to do something that is illustrative of human endeavour at high level and can satisfy my internal motivation and need for self-actualisation. One of my key aspirations was to prove to myself that academic excellency can be achieved (and cherished), irrespective of one’s country of origin/ nationality, first language, or any other social difference.”

Ken Webb SERC principal said:

“I would like to congratulate Roxana on completing her PhD. It is a huge accomplishment that requires a tremendous amount of hard work and dedication and she should be extremely proud. The achievement emphasises the high quality of teaching and learning available at SERC.”

When asked about the value of her PhD effort to her job role in SERC, Roxana said:

“The PhD endeavour has changed me significantly, from both a personal and professional perspective, and in many ways, it’s been a journey of personal discovery, in terms of both intellectual and personal potential. Learning one’s own potential in my view, only comes with intense effort and perseverance. Patience, tenacity, resilience are valuable, positive traits that can be applied to any walk of life and can be embodied by anyone who is committed to self-development. The PhD effort has, I hope, made me a more caring, more patient and more supportive tutor.”

When ask who she would like to thank Roxana said:

“I have been so lucky to have been guided and mentored by an amazing academic, Prof Audrey Gilmore – Professor of Services Marketing at Ulster University. Without my supervisor’s solid support and expert guidance, I would not have been able to pursue, let alone complete the research.

“I am most grateful for the many hours she dedicated to my research supervision, including the promptest feedback that I received throughout the entire period. The expert knowledge, level of attention and speed of response have extended beyond any personal expectations I may have had.

“My supervisor’s caring approach towards my academic endeavour has been one of the most rewarding aspects of this journey. It not only kept me motivated through the challenging times, but it also inspired my own teaching practice and support for my own students.

“I would also like to thank all staff of the Doctoral College and Ulster University for the support extended throughout my period of study as a part-time student. The Santander Mobility Scholarship obtained in 2013 propelled my research efforts significantly and contributed directly to my empirical study.  

“I would also like to thank the people who participated in this research, both management representative and visitors. I deeply appreciate their willingness to give me their time, attention and views so generously shared. I would like to thank those participants who allowed me to follow up on any of my queries and responded to them with insight and patience.“

Applications are now open for courses starting in September.

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