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Basic hairdressing for parents of children with autism: Havering College Launches New Cutting Course

When a child with autism is unwilling to have their hair cut, it can be a very distressing time for both the child and the parents. Some children simply cannot tolerate the experience of a haircut so what is the solution? Restrain them whilst they kick, scream and cry? Or learn how to cut their hair yourself?

Because this is such a distressing and common problem for parents with autistic children, Havering College have teamed up with Anna Kennedy to launch a new Haircutting Course for Parents.

The Basic hairdressing for parents of children with autism course is for 9 hours, running over three consecutive Saturday mornings. It will teach parents how to cut and layer their children’s hair. There will also be access to virtual learning in addition to health and safety training.

Courses will run in June, costs £165 and include a specially tailored hairdressing kit, sensory chewy and crayons: Basic hairdressing for parents of children with autism

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