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Best ways to save money as a graduate

No longer have student discount? Use these instead

Recent graduates are being given advice on the best way to get discounts now they’ve finished university.

The money saving pros at have compiled their top tips to help former students save their cash even after they graduate.

Life after graduation can be a daunting task by itself, let alone with the added pressure on trying to remain financially stable.

From browser extensions to negotiating new direct debit deals, this list is to help graduates survive life after university.

A spokesperson for said:

“Life without student discounts doesn’t have to be a difficult affair.

“Adopting simple and effective money-saving methods can go a long way and can leave graduates with more money to spend on making more memories.

“It’s all about being resourceful and picking up offers and deals whenever possible.

“Some loyalty schemes may take a while to come to fruition, but even if they help knock a pound off here and there it slowly adds up!”

Best ways to save money as a graduate

Join discount code websites

Most discount code websites are free to join and can provide a wide range of exclusive codes across both online and vouchers that can be used in store at highstreet retailers. These sites are great for bargain hunting when it comes to gifts, clothing, electronics and even holidays.

Add browser extensions

Browser extensions on your computer are a really easy way of finding discounts and deals on the web. Whatever website you’re shopping on, the extension will automatically browse every possible avenue and apply relevant discounts to your online basket.

Use price comparison sites

Whether you’re renewing your car insurance or just trying to find the cheapest supermarket for your weekly shop, there is a price comparison website for almost everything. These sites can open your eyes up to cheaper deals that you may not be aware of by shopping independently. It is important to note that comparison sites aren’t always conclusive so it’s worth doing this alongside your own research.


Negotiate direct debits

Although many service providers don’t recognise any sort of customer loyalty, if you’re coming to the end of your contract whether it’s your phone, car insurance or even your wifi you still have some leverage to negotiate. It’s easier to strike a deal when you identify that other service providers are offering a better deal than the one you’re getting. For ten minutes on the phone it’s always worth a go.

Cashback apps

Getting paid to go shopping. That’s a graduate’s dream right? Well by using cashback apps, you can receive a small percentage back everytime you purchase at specified retailers. A great way to save up small cash increments without having to do too much.

Claim loyalty points

Nearly every supermarket, high street retailer and online shop will have some sort of loyalty scheme. Some are definitely more lucrative than others, but worth it all the same.

Sign up to retailers newsletters

When signing up to new websites it’s always worth subscribing to their newsletter. Not only will this inform you of future discounts and deals but most retailers offer anywhere between a 5-15% discount for first time customers.

Abandon your cart

Abandoning your cart can be a creative way to lure retailers into giving you a discount. If you enter your email address in the shopping cart and then proceed to leave the website, retailers can sometimes send you a discount code to persuade you to complete your purchase.

Use the chat function and barter

Surprisingly the chat function on some websites is more than just a customer service tool. It can be used to barter for a better price and some customer service advisors will provide you with discount codes that can’t be found anywhere else.

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