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Biggest QTLS registration window opens today: Ensuring teachers and trainers get the recognition they deserve

The Society for Education and Training (SET), the professional membership organisation for practitioners working in the post-16 Further Education and Training sector has today opened its most popular registration window for Qualified Teacher Learning and Skills (QTLS) status.

Last year over 1,600 practitioners achieved the status, after an enriched and improved version was launched in September 2016. With more organisations requiring QTLS as part of their job criteria, SET are expecting to see a marked increase in uptake over the next 12 months. Over 20,000 practitioners already hold this nationally-recognised status, enabling them to develop and demonstrate their skills and knowledge through practice and helping to drive up professional standards in the sector.

As part of the Education and Training Foundation (ETF), SET is the only organisation that can confer this badge of professionalism, allowing teachers and trainers to gain the professional recognition they deserve and signal to employers their commitment to excellence. In fact, 88% of successful applicants say that QTLS has had a positive impact on their practice. QTLS now also sets teachers and trainers on the pathway towards the ETF’s newly-launched Advanced Teacher Status (ATS).

What are the key benefits of QTLS?

  • Enhances career prospects, using QTLS as a professional designation.
  • Provides valuable continuing professional development (CPD) that will enhance knowledge and skills, and build confidence.
  • Recognised in law as equivalent to Qualified Teaching Status (QTS) for teaching in schools.
  • Allows progression towards Advanced Teacher Status (ATS), which recognises mastery level expertise.

Tim Weiss, Director of Business Development, Membership and Communications at the ETF, said:
“As well as enabling teachers and trainers to continue improving their practice, QTLS is fundamental for helping to improve, champion and increase the recognition of the quality of teaching and training in the sector. We are pleased to see that more employers are placing importance on QTLS and look forward to supporting another successful cohort of practitioners in their journey to achieving the status over the next year. We strongly encourage teachers or trainers who are unsure about any part of the professional formation process to get in touch with the SET team who are here to guide you along the way.” 

Calvin Maye, Management Information Systems Manager, gained QTLS last year. He said: “QTLS is a fantastic way to not only unlock and improve your teaching practice, but it is a great industry-recognised qualification. It will enhance your reputation and career prospects as well as demonstrate to your learners your continued dedication to improving teaching and learning.”

Alessia Di Meo, Functional Skills tutor, also gained QTLS last year. She said: “While undertaking QTLS, I liked the fact that I was in charge of how my professionalism was demonstrated to my mentor. This increased my self-esteem and confidence. I would recommend QTLS because it has been very rewarding and fulfilling. Employers are looking for staff who are committed to continuing professional development. Holding QTLS has definitely boosted my job prospects.”

This registration window closes on 31 October 2017. There are three registration windows per year – the second window opens on 1 December 2017 and closes on 31 January 2018.

Find out more about QTLS and how to register on the SET website.

About the Education and Training Foundation: Established in October 2013 and is the Government-backed, sector-owned national support body for the Further Education and Training sector. The charity works with teachers, trainers, leaders and employers to help them deliver excellent further and vocational education and training. This includes through setting professional standards, workforce development, supporting sector change and providing data and research. The ETF’s membership body is the Society for Education and Training.

About the Society for Education and Training: The professional membership organisation of the Education and Training Foundation for practitioners working in the post-16 education and training sector. Since the close of the Institute for Learning (IfL) in November 2014, SET has taken on its legacy and continues to support practitioners through their professional membership.

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