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BlueSnap Powers Digital Payments in Education

BlueSnap, the All-in-One Payment Platform for global B2B and B2C businesses, has partnered with leading education software providers to improve digital payments in education. 

The global payments leader has teamed up with Faria Education Group, a leader in international education systems and services, as well as other edtech leaders including Teaching Strategies, Snowman Software, Proclass, and Finalsite.  

The string of new client acquisitions comes amid unprecedented growth in the market. In 2020 alone, the UK’s edtech sector grew by 72% as a result of mandatory school closures and national lockdowns. 

BlueSnap’s white-label solution enables edtech companies to integrate digital payments into their platforms to increase efficiency, reduce risk and enhance the overall user journey.

Jeff Coppolo, SVP, Global Sales of BlueSnap: “As with most industries, the global pandemic has upended the education market. Schools, education centers, and other academic organisations have all turned to technology solutions to solve their new challenges. And payments, be it tuition, donations, after-school programmes, or otherwise, are a crucial yet overlooked part of the equation. They have historically been managed separately rather than in one place.” 

He adds, “At BlueSnap, we understand the impact that digital payments can have on the entire education ecosystem, having navigated the nuances of the sector for years. In collaboration with our education partners, we’ve created a payment experience that’s easy, fast, and virtually frictionless for all parties involved.”

Based on years of expertise in the market, the company’s Modern Education Payments Solutions enable edtech providers to offer their customers a better, more integrated user experience. 

This makes it fast and easy for parents to manage school-related payments, something which has become increasingly important during the pandemic. 

For schools, BlueSnap reduces the cost of payments processing and provides a plethora of payment options as well as best-in-class services. This allows learning institutions to focus more time on teaching and other administrative work. 

In the increasingly sophisticated education software market, payments are quickly becoming an integral part of the ecosystem. BlueSnap’s solutions are powering the education industry’s embrace of the rapid digital transformation that is redefining the relationship between education and technology.

The UK education technology market is valued at over £3.5 billion in 2020 and growing. As a result, administrative processes, like integrated payments, are quickly becoming a point of difference for software vendors, enhancing the overall experience for schools and parents. 

BlueSnap’s market-tested solutions, including white-label solutions, a customised onboarding application and simplified compliance, have attracted notable edtech partner integrations like Teaching Strategies, Faria Education Group, Snowman Software, Finalsite, and more. 

David Higginson, International Sales Director for Faria Education Group said: “We are excited to have partnered with BlueSnap. BlueSnap has great expertise and knowledge within the education sector. As such, they are able to cater to our company’s specific payment solution needs. As we come out of lockdown, there will be an even greater need for the organisation and management of extra-curricular activities. Our partnership with BlueSnap allows us to facilitate this more efficiently and conveniently for our customers.

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