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BMet Engineering Students Acquire Advanced Skills at GBSIoT Hub

BMet Engineering Students Acquire Advanced Skills at GBSIoT Hub

Foundation Engineering Degree students at BMet College are experiencing first-hand the advanced technology at the Greater Birmingham & Solihull Institute of Technology (GBSIoT, @gbsiot).

BMet students can access the GBSIoT as the college is part of a consortium of colleges that make up a regional Institute of Technology.  

Institutes of Technology are collaborations between further education (FE) providers, universities and employers. They specialise in delivering higher technical education (at Levels 4 and 5) with a focus on STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) subjects.

They aim to:

  • Enhance regional industry sectors by fostering synergy among educational institutions.
  • Meet the specific needs of employers.
  • Provide students with an up-to-date curriculum that mirrors current industry demands.
  • Promote career development among young people in Birmingham, supporting one of the UK’s youngest and most diverse cities.  

As a result of this partnership, BMet students gain practical experience at the GBSIoT Hub’s state-of-the-art Cyber Physical Manufacturing Rig— the largest of its kind in Europe.

This exposure gives students practical skills in cutting-edge factory equipment and sensor technology, preparing them for the demands of modern industry.  

Described as a “scaled-down version of future factories,” the GBSIoT Hub effectively brings the industry into the classroom, enhancing both their engineering knowledge and practical technical skills.

Here’s what two BMet students shared about their experience.

Elise, a Mechanical Engineering Apprentice, noted,

“It’s enlightening to see the parallels between my coursework and the advanced technology here. It bridges theory and practice in an impactful way.

“I am particularly interested in robotics and linking technical approaches together, which was very much explored at the Rig. I also gained experience working in a team and using new machinery.

“In the future, I am striving towards being a Warehouse Controller within automotive factories and feel that I have obtained invaluable knowledge and skills today for my engineering career.”

 Andrew, a Control System Apprentice, added,

“The sessions here are very informative and I was impressed by the range of advanced and sophisticated systems at the Rig.

“I intend to apply the knowledge and skills I have gained today in my future work and career, as my time here is sparking a number of thoughts and ideas.

“My career goal is to be a Control System Engineer/Technician and the experience I have obtained today will definitely help me with my ambitions!”

The Greater Birmingham & Solihull Institute of Technology Consortium is proud to support students, believing that fostering these experiences enhances not only the students’ learning journey but also contributes to the regional workforce’s strength and diversity.

Micky Burke, Operations Director at the GBSIoT, said:

“The whole purpose of the Cyber Hub Rig is to provide an engaging and informative learning space that is relevant for schools and colleges technical development needs.

“Through the Hub, students can benefit from sector leading teaching and learning, which provides the employability skills that employers want.

“It is great to welcome BMet students to the Rig and we are pleased that we can add value to their career development.”

Find out more about the GBSIoT – Greater Birmingham & Solihull Institute of Technology – BMet

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