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Boolean and Alpha Test join forces to create Europe-wide EdTech hub

Boolean, the leading online tech academy, has created a new #EdTech group by joining forces with Alpha Test, a market-leading Italian enterprise preparing students for university admission tests.

The new group brings together two innovative and fast growing European EdTech businesses. Boolean, founded in 2018 by Fabio Forghieri and Roberto Marazzini, closed last year with €2 million revenue, recording triple-digit year-on-year growth. Alpha Test had a 2020 turnover of €15 million.

The deal is also part of a wider development plan for the group, which aims to establish a digital-focused European hub, dedicated to quality training for both university applicants as well as professionals within the tech sector.

According to a recent report by TechUK, it’s projected that by 2025 there will be three million new jobs created that require digital skills in the UK alone. Boolean exists to fill this demand for tech specialists and has transformed the world of IT training through its innovative delivery model. Through six months of full-time, live and online training and a further six months of career support, the course transforms newbie coders into job-ready software engineers.

Boolean’s course does not require any previous programming skills and, thanks to a high quality candidate selection process and standard of teaching, last year 95% of students in Italy found a job within six months of completing the course. Following its success in Italy, Boolean launched its UK expansion in November 2020.

By joining forces Alpha Test and Boolean will leverage each other’s expertise, accelerating the digital transition of the new group which aims to reach €50 million turnover in four years. Boolean will benefit from the skills and resources of the Alpha Test Group to consolidate its leadership in the Italian market and continue the European expansion which is already underway with the entry into the UK market.

Alberto Sironi, co-founder and CEO of Alpha Test:

The union with Boolean represents another fundamental step in our international expansion, diversification and growth. Some features of Boolean, that are in line with our way of thinking about high-level education, immediately convinced us to bring them on board: the high quality of the training, a first-rate network with hundreds of companies open to recruiting their engineers, and a scalable business model that will allow us to explore further opportunities.”

Roberto Marazzini, co-founder of Boolean:

The agreement with Alpha Test represents a crucial stage for the growth of Boolean. This operation will allow us to accelerate our development by expanding our b2c and b2b products in the European market, investing in the best talent, while always maintaining the high quality standards we offer to our students.

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