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Boolean launches in UK as demand for digital skills increases

Boolean, an international online technology academy, has launched in the UK, giving those who want to switch careers and become a full stack developer the skills and support they need to secure a job in the tech industry.

With digital vacancies on the rise – Tech Nation reports that software developer is now the most in-demand role sought by employers – it is not a surprise that more people want to pursue a career in software development that offers flexibility, opportunity and strong salary prospects. 

However, as companies search for the best talent to join their growing digital teams, those wanting to reskill are looking for more cost-effective and impactful ways of achieving their goals.

Boolean is a 21st century solution to this requirement, increasing accessibility of tech education with a fully remote six-month course to become a software developer, comprising both theory and practical lessons, five days a week. Boolean also offers a comprehensive careers support service, helping graduates of the course find employment. As part of Boolean’s commitment to helping students in their careers, any graduates unable to find a job six months after completing the course will receive a full refund. 

The coronavirus pandemic has shown a lot of people and companies that employees can work efficiently from home and many now desire a career that will allow them to remain flexible. Careers in software development offers this flexibility and is a model replicated by Boolean’s online technology academy, enabling students to remain in their desired location and not feel the need to relocate to distant or expensive ‘hub’ areas.

Patrick Lynott, Head of UK Admissions & Placement at Boolean, commented:

“We have designed our service for the sole purpose of giving students everything they need to be equipped when starting their software developer career. We want to modernise and democratise tech education, supporting people to retain and reskill for the digital future of work. Unlike other bootcamps, we understand that switching career goes beyond just learning to code. We take a student-centric approach, helping people to learn technical concepts and practical skills in a short timeframe.”

“Our courses have been extremely positive in the other countries we operate in – despite the pandemic, last year more than 95% of our students have successfully kickstarted their career as a software developer. With the demand for tech skills in the UK continuing to grow, there is a need for a new approach and the Boolean tech academy is perfectly suited to meet the needs of both employees looking to create a new career from scratch and employers looking to hire tech talent in the UK.”

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