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Burton and South Derbyshire College staff enhance digital skills with STEP programme

Staff at Burton and South Derbyshire College (@BSDCofficial) have been enhancing their digital skills by completing @Microsoft’s Student Teacher Education Programme (STEP).

Learning, Teaching and Assessment Coaches, Learning Resource Centre staff and lecturers in Health and Social Care have been the first groups of staff to benefit from the training, with more staff members set to undergo the course throughout the academic year.

The Student Teacher Education Programme (STEP) is designed to assist teaching staff in using technology tools to create learning environments that empower students to be independent and creative learners, build reading, language and STEM skills, and prepare them for their futures. Additionally, they will have the skills and understanding of how technology can be leveraged to transform their time spent outside teaching, planning and assessing, so they will have more time to focus on their students.

The programme includes a range of areas, including digital citizenship, 21st century learning design, Windows 10 for education, digital storytelling with Microsoft Sway, Microsoft Teams, crafting a collaborative learning environment with Class Teams, PowerPoint recorder, accessible content and OneNote.

Anna Evangelou, Health and Social Care lecturer at BSDC has completed the training and believes it has given her the knowledge to be able to provide innovative, up-to-date and engaging teaching for her learners. She commented: “Learning about the class notebook and 21st century learning has enabled me to naturally incorporate digitalisation into sessions. Digitalisation is at the forefront of the health and social care sector with online GP appointments, care plans being digitally produced and results being processed online. The course has enabled me to feel confident that I am preparing my learners for the workplace and providing them with the necessary skills for industry.”

Lindsey Harlow, Learning, Teaching and Assessment Coach at BSDC said: “We found the training useful because it alerts you to the ways that Office 365 can be used to enhance learning activities in a way that compliments tried and tested pedagogues and takes projects, activities, and assignments to the next digital level. Learners can use the digital methods to collaborate, communicate and innovate in ways that will enhance any subject or industry and prepare them to be digitally literate for future employment.”

Jennifer King, Education Executive at Microsoft said: “Burton and South Derbyshire College are leading the way in their dedication to staff CPD and we are delighted the whole organisation will be undertaking the rigorous STEP programme to ensure staff are confident and innovative users of technology in the classroom and to improve student outcomes.”

Sage Lal, Digital and Cyber Development Manager at BSDC and Microsoft Master Trainer added: “As we all continue to undertake a digital transformation, it’s vital that staff within the college utilise the skills, knowledge and support to deliver 21st century skills and training. The College is committed to upskilling staff with personalised Continuing Professional Development (CPD), and digital skills lie at the heart of this. It’s fantastic to see so many staff upskilling, gaining qualifications and continuing to stay on top of the latest innovations.”

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