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Business and administration

Business and administration

This section summarises the occupations that have been added and removed from the Business and Administration occupational map as a result of the consultation and responds to additional comments that were submitted.

Breakdown of respondents

Business and admin response graph

Summary of responses

The occupations below were identified as missing from this Occupational Map, having already been agreed for development. They have been added appropriately to the revised map.

  • Library Information and Archive Services Assistant (Level 3)
  • Lead Employability Practitioner (in development Level 4)

In addition, respondents suggested that the existing Learning and Development Consultant/Business Partner (Level 5) was moved to this route. Both the Business and Administration and Education and Childcare route panels agreed to the transfer.

The Business and Administration and Engineering and Manufacturing route panels also agreed that the following occupations should be transferred to this route:

  • Improvement Technician (Level 3)
  • Improvement Practitioner (Level 4)
  • Improvement Specialist (Level 5)
  • Improvement Leader (Level 6)

Several occupations were identified as not belonging in this occupational map, including some that are on another occupational map, and have been removed:

  • Entrepreneur
  • Professional Economist
  • Resource Technical Manager
  • Stock Control Clerk

Further comments

Respondents highlighted that this particular route includes broad occupations that cut across a variety of industries. The route panel will look at this in detail during the route review.

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