From education to employment

Cardiff and Vale College Administration student Krasimira’s progression route really is the business!

Krasimira Krasteva, a Level 3 Business Administration student @CAVC is progressing from her course into a Business Administration apprenticeship at Companies House in September.

Before starting in her new role, Krasimira will spend the summer working in a paid internship with global construction services company ISG. The internship came about due to a work placement she did while studying at CAVC – ISG were so impressed they wanted to keep her on.

“Earlier this year ISG was looking for Admin Assistants for work placements,” Krasimira explained. “The work placement usually lasts a week so I was pleased when I found out they wanted to extend my work placement and a few months later I got the paid summer internship offer from them.”

She is looking forward to her summer internship.

“I am very pleased to be part of ISG Construction again,” Krasimira said. “The team there is extremely helpful, friendly and professional.

“It is a place where I am constantly learning something new – every day is different. I am happy to work in an environment that keeps me challenged.”

Krasimira, who is 34 and from Barry, has always been interested in a career in administration so decided to apply for a CAVC course.

“I was attracted to Cardiff and Vale College’s academic reputation and the practical work implemented into the course,” she said. “I knew the College works closely with top employers so that would be my chance to get involved on a work placement and find employment later on.”

The College assisted Krasimira with work placements as part of her course, and helped her secure a Business Administration apprenticeship at Companies House.

“I feel great about the apprenticeship,” she said. “It is like all of your hard work and dedication is being rewarded just by being able to attach my name to Companies House.

“This is an excellent opportunity for me to meet great professionals who are fair and encourage the professional development of their team.”

While not many people associate business courses with work-based learning, Krasimira believes apprenticeships are an excellent alternative to university.

“Apprenticeships are a great way to get you straight into a job straight away,” she explained. “You are literally learning how to do the job by doing it.

“It might be a challenge, but who doesn’t like a challenge?”

She also feels that the support she has had while at Cardiff and Vale College has been instrumental in her development and progression.

“I believe that the academic and practical work implemented in the Business Administration course and the Careers Ideas Centre provides students with a great variety of work placements with top employers that you can choose and lots of workshops for improving your skills,” Krasimira said.

“Last but not least I really appreciated the hard of work of the people who give their heart and their and their soul into their work – my tutors Alison Freter and Kelly LaFlamme who helped me with my personal growth and development, and Nick Aiston and his team from the Careers and Ideas Centre for finding work placements that suited me best and highlighted my potential so that I was also able to successfully get on this apprenticeship scheme.”

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