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Cardiff and Vale College student Megan raises £1,000 for Motor Neurone Disease Association

(l-r) Deb Tresize, Megan Harrington-John and Louise Judd

A Level 2 Hair and Beauty student from Cardiff and vale College has raised £1,000 for the Motor Neurone Disease Association.

Megan Harrington-John, who is 22 and from Barry, decided to use her musical theatre background to put on a show after Lecturer Debbie Tresize mentioned a lack of fundraising for Motor Neurone Disease, and how it affected her family.

“I went home and messaged all of my friends with musical theatre experience and my ex-singing teacher Jo Bourton,” Megan said. “Two months later after practise we put on two nights of ‘Perfect Harmony’.

“Over the two nights we managed to raise £1,000 for Motor Neurone Disease. This was send to the Motor Neurone Disease Association and we were very happy to have raised this amount for a worthwhile charity.”

Megan’s lecturers were completely unaware of her efforts, until she mentioned it in passing to one of them, Louise Judd.

“I thought it was a wonderful act of kindness and I was amazed that Megan, who is only 22, went ahead and organised an entire two-night show on her own,” Louise said. “She is truly inspirational, thoughtful and kind and I am so proud of her.”

Debbie Tresize, the lecturer who prompted Megan to arrange and organise the fund raising event, said: “Megan has been totally selfless – she’s absolutely fantastic. I didn’t know anything about it and she did it for me – when I found out it was very emotional.

“You wouldn’t think that someone of that young age would go off and raise that amount of money just from a conversation in a classroom. What Megan did was brilliant.”

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