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CBI continues its call for labour market reforms

The CBI engages on the recommendations brought forward in the Taylor review, making the case for business at all levels of Government.

The government’s recently published Good Work Plan marks the next phase of its follow-up to the Taylor Review of Modern Working Practices. This review forms the basis of widespread reform to worker’s rights, informed by four consultations that gathered views from a broad range of stakeholders, including the CBI. During this process, the Government has considered a wide array of labour market reforms which have direct implications for all businesses. This includes tracking the quality of jobs in the labour market, rather than just the quantity, and changes to the minimum wage.

The CBI has been very closely engaged on these topics, both with Matthew Taylor during the review and with BEIS officials since its publication. We have consistently urged policy makers to ensure that any new rules improve labour market fairness whilst safeguarding the flexibility that benefits businesses, workers, and the UK economy.

Read the CBI’s Good Work Plan press release, our first consultation response Chasing Status, and our second response Good Work is Flexible and Fair.

It is also positive to see that Government will consult further or seek expert guidance on the most complex issues, such as employment status and the right approach to defining and measuring job quality, as changes here could have unintended and undesirable consequences.

The CBI will continue to engage members as government makes further proposals on these topics so that our recommendations reflect the challenges and opportunities faced by businesses. Our contributions, in the form of meetings and consultation responses, have already influenced government policy and ensured that business’s voice is heard in this debate.


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