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#Clearing is a great opportunity #ALevelResults2019

Clearing has a reputation as a ‘last resort’ for university applicants who didn’t get the results they were expecting, but that’s changing. While it does serve that function, more and more students are seeing it as an opportunity to give themselves more choice before making a final decision.

So why should students use Clearing? Maybe they’ve changed their mind about what they want to study, or want to study in a different location. And what if their grades are better than expected? If students didn’t apply somewhere because they didn’t think they’d achieve the grades, Clearing could be their chance to take another look.

All types of universities and courses are available, so why not encourage them to see what’s on offer. Students can shop around risk-free – any confirmed offer is secure until they accept another offer. So students should use this opportunity to do their research, and get on the phone! And they shouldn’t be nervous about making those phone calls – universities are ready and waiting to help prospective students. Just make sure they have their UCAS number, Clearing number and exam results to hand when they make the call.

Hema Tank, is the Associate Dean at The London Institute of Banking & Finance.

The London Institute of Banking & Finance is a registered charity and professional body, incorporated by Royal Charter, and an approved university college offering degrees in banking and finance.

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