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College staff should be allowed to wear face coverings

UNISON head of education Jon Richards

College staff should be allowed to wear face coverings, says @UnisonTheUnion 

Commenting on the government’s decision to allow college students to wear face coverings in corridors in local lockdown areas of England, UNISON head of education Jon Richards said today (Wednesday):

“This is a welcome step forward but still leaves a confusing picture.

“The focus on learners is understandable but the government has already admitted staff face the biggest risk. In further education institutions that risk is even greater as staff tend to be older.

“The unique conditions in FE colleges – where some learners also spend part of their week in the workplace – mean bubbles won’t be effective.

“Colleges should recognise these issues and allow those who want to wear coverings to do so. But it’s the government that should be taking the lead on this, not passing the buck to individual college heads. 

“There must also be a clear explanation of why the government’s view of the science seems to be different to the other nations of the UK.”

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