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Comment on Student Satisfaction and Engagement Survey

Commenting on the Scottish Funding Council’s Student Satisfaction and Engagement Survey 2020-21 published today (Tuesday, 2 November 2021), Shona Struthers, CEO of Colleges Scotland, said: 

“Today’s report shows that 89% of full-time and 92% of part-time further education students said they were satisfied with their course experience which I’m really pleased to see given the huge challenges posed by the pandemic.  Colleges also deliver around a quarter of all higher education in Scotland, and the survey today shows that four out of five higher education students were also satisfied with their college experience.

“Scotland’s colleges faced and overcame some very tough situations because of the pandemic, with staff working assiduously and creatively to provide the best possible education and support to students.

“I’m also pleased that 87% of further education and 82% of higher education students said they believed their time at college had helped them develop knowledge and skills for the workplace.  With employers continuing to report skills shortages across the economy, the need for investment in our colleges and the lifelong learning opportunities they offer has never been greater to create and upskill the workforce Scotland needs.

“This report highlights how valued our colleges are by students and why they continue to be first choice places of learning for hundreds of thousands of learners each year.”

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