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CompTIA Introduces Digital Badges for Certification Holders

CompTIA, the world’s leading technology industry association and the top provider of vendor-neutral skills certifications for technology professionals around the globe, today launched a new digital badging programme for its certification holders.

“By providing a secure, digital representation of CompTIA certifications, our certified IT professionals can more easily manage, share and verify their credentials within their networks, across their social platforms and on their résumés,” said Randy Gross, CompTIA CIO.

“For employers, digital badging makes it easy to find and verify people with the specific skills they are looking for,” Gross added.

CompTIA has partnered with Credly, a leader in the digital credentialing movement, to offer CompTIA Digital Badges. Credly works with many leading technology companies, service providers and industry organisations who are similarly focused on the value of verified skills and achievements.

“Skills are a currency. In a data-driven world, that currency must be digital and machine-readable,” said Jonathan Finkelstein, founder and CEO of Credly. “By issuing its industry-leading certifications as digital credentials on Credly, CompTIA empowers its certified professionals to advance their careers with portable, shareable, data-rich evidence of their skills.”

The programme is available to all CompTIA certified IT professionals and covers all individual CompTIA certifications, as well as CompTIA Stackable Certifications which were introduced earlier this year.

Participants in the CompTIA Digital Badging programme will have access to Credly’s labor market insights resources. CompTIA certified professionals can use their badge and its associated skill tags to search for jobs by job title, location, employer, and salary range. If they find a job they’re interested in, they can apply for the position with just a few clicks.

The programme will also provide access to special promotional offers and learning pathways available only to badge earners.

CompTIA certification holders will be notified this month via email of their eligibility to participate in the digital badging programme, along with instructions for claiming their badges and creating an account. For more information on the programme, visit

CompTIA is the leading provider of vendor-neutral skills certifications for the global technology workforce. The association has awarded nearly 2.5 million certifications in core technology skills, cybersecurity, infrastructure, and other specialty technology areas.

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