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Dame Margaret visits Barking & Dagenham College

Rt Hon Dame Margaret Hodge MP met with Barking & Dagenham College’s Principal and CEO, Yvonne Kelly

Barking & Dagenham College received a visit by Rt Hon Dame Margaret Hodge MP last Friday.

Dame Margaret was keen to get up-to-date with the many developments going on at and affecting the College which trains around 12,500 people each year.

She met with the Principal and CEO, Yvonne Kelly discussing the important role that colleges play in the skills agenda and the issue of college funding, which has seen no increase for a decade.

During the visit, Dame Margaret toured the College and chatted with some students who were studying in the College’s Learning Resources Centre, which opened as a public library last month.

Yvonne Kelly commented: “It was great to meet with Dame Margaret last week. We had lots to talk about including the impact of funding on the college and exciting developments such as our upcoming Institute of Technology, which will be opening later this year.”

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