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Send students on the Lessons from Auschwitz course

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Lessons from Auschwitz is an experience-based course for students that explores the universal lessons of the Holocaust and its relevance today.

What you can get

Lessons from Auschwitz includes:

  • a half-day orientation seminar that includes talks from a Holocaust survivor
  • a day trip to Poland to visit Holocaust-related sites and museums
  • a half-day follow-up seminar
  • supported group work to look at ways students can share what they’ve learned

Who can apply

All students in post-16 education in state-funded schools and colleges in England can take part. A coordinating teacher must apply on behalf of the students.

The course is open to 2 students from each school or college. A limited number of teacher places are available.

When it’s available

Courses take place throughout the year at locations across the country.

What it costs

The course costs £59 per student.

How to apply

Find your nearest location and apply online.

Find out more

See the Holocaust Educational Trust for more information.

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