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Digital teaching making learning fun

Pictured with Jenny Phipps are (left to right) Care students Elouise Peters, Laura Johnson, Ellie Jeffrey and Alister Borthwick.

Care Lecturer Jenny Phipps is one of several staff members bringing innovative digital teaching techniques into the classroom at Borders College.

Jenny, who is a Lecturer in care and childcare subjects at the College, has introduced Microsoft Office 365 in teaching her HNC Childhood Practice (groups A and B) and Child, Health and Social Care groups, as well as utilising ‘Kahoot!’ quizzes on a weekly basis to test the students’ knowledge in class units ‘Promoting Language, Literacy and Numeracy’ and ‘Care Principles and Practice’.

Microsoft Office 365 carries the benefit of collaborative space, meaning that students can upload presentations to be viewed and edited by everyone in their specified group.  One of particular group of three students is adopting this method successfully in project work.  Jenny said:

“This software has so much potential for the students, it can be viewed on a mobile device and students can even take a copy of the software for themselves so that they can utilise it elsewhere.”

Kahoot! is a free game-based learning platform designed to make learning fun in a group setting, and is currently being utilised by both Jenny and Lecturer Sam Anderson.  Students log into Kahoot! using a code provided by their Tutor, completing the quizzes that have been set for them.  These may feature timed or multiple choice questions, or they may be points-based, but the feeling of being in competition with their classmates makes for an engaging challenge.  One student commented on Kahoot!’s capacity to motivate, saying: “It makes you want to learn more so that you can answer more questions.”

Speaking of the impact these digital methods are having on the students, Jenny says:

“Microsoft Office 365 and Kahoot! are promoting good team and collaborative working and require trusted roles and task delegation, not to mention the students are learning the value of peer support.”

Jenny and Sam hope to share the benefits of these interactive digital learning tools with colleagues so that they may be more widely adopted across the College.

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